About Julia (Eun Hwa) Lee, CAMS-II. CAC CIT.


Julia (Eun Hwa) Lee is a Certified Anger Management Specialist.  She has BA (Bachelor Degree) in Social Work and has completed Licensed Mental Health Social Worker in Korea.  She has passion to educate people who struggle with addiction (Internet, Alcohol, Gamble, and Drug) and anger management issues.  Please contact Ms. Julia at Julia.lee.rice@gmail.com.

Julia’s education and training empowers client with various tools to help one break free from the bonds of addiction, over-whelming feelings of anger issues, and heal the straining relationships with family and friends. Ms. Julia Lee will offer a genuine approach and caring approach all the while maintaining a professional attitude.

As a Mental Health Educator, she can work within the community through education and prevention programs to set up support groups with a basis of Cognitive Behavioral therapy and Motivational Enhancement Therapy.  An example of her specialty is Psycho Education which is outlined below.

Psycho Education (Mental Health and Prevention)

Psycho-Education provides an opportunity to recognize and develop self-control with prevention education programs for all ages. The development of the program will stress on the 4 major components addressed below.

  1. To recognize the problem resulting from addiction (drug, alcohol, gambling, internet, etc.)
  2. To understand personal coping traits related to addiction
  3. The interaction between antecedents and consequences
  4. Feelings of guilt when relapse occurs
  5. To enhance the person’s sense of control: decrease in level of anxiety, stress and anger management.
  6. What kind of choice do I have to control the addiction?
  7. What kind of support is there from family, friends, and or support groups?
  8. To understand the meanings and consequences of addiction and effect is has on self and surrounding family, co-workers, and friends

Education and Training

  • Certified Addiction Counselor CIT ( Counselor-in-Training)
  • MA Course in Social Work (Graduate school of Soongsil University, Korea)
  • BA in Social Work (Korea Baptist Theological University, Korea)
  • Licensed Social Worker (Korea)



Julia Eunhwa Lee, CAMS-II. CAC-CIT.

Email: Julia.lee.rice@gmail.com

Phone: 678-615-8882