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Individual Therapy

One on one sessions to create personalized goals to  improve different aspects of your life.

Dinner Party

Family Therapy

Sessions involving multiple members of the family to create a more cohesive environment towards a common goals such as better communication and managing the stressful times

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Couples Therapy

Sessions between the couple and clinician to enhance the relationship and find balance to live a more fulfilled life together

Business Breakfast


We do offer HIPAA secure teletherapy services.  

All of our therapists are willing to use teletherapy services  to provide better accessibility to care.  These may be scheduled from the beginning of therapy or at any point during therapy.


We also strongly encourage our clients to use teletherapy when time conflicts arise.  Rather than skipping an in-person session due to unforeseen circumstances (even last minute ones), just let your therapist know that you’d like to do a teletherapy session instead.

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